Once Again, the 'Blacklist' Doesnt Stand, this Time Thanks to the Norwegian Government.

The Norwegian Government has decided that the United Nations 'Blacklist' ( a list of over 100 companies across the globe said to be 'complicit in violating Palestinian human rights by operating in Israeli settlements') is not going to stop them from  allowing a tourism company that appears on the list to provide services to government and other organizations inside Norway.

This decision deals a massive blow not only to the BDS and other antisemitic organizations in Norway and world wide but also according to the ILF Chair and CEO, Yifa Segal ' helps downgrade the status of the 'blacklist.' She went on to say that 'No country in the world bases its commercial policies on this list. We told the Norwegians that the UN Human Rights Council acted in a politically hostile and biased manner. Additionally, the UNHRC is interfering in international economics in a harmful way and didn't work according to accepted and objective standards.'

When asked to comment Kjetil Ostgard, the department director at Norway's Government Procurement Center, said "Our procurement law assessment is that we have neither the right nor the duty to reject Egencia from the competition as a result of the conditions discussed,"

This success is thanks to the partnership between The International Legal Forum, NGO Monitor and UK Lawyers for Israel.


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