Exposed: Organization designated by Israel as a terror organization receives funding from EU

The Union of Health Work Committees (HWC), another committee belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), was designated by Israel as a terror organization.  


Despite this designation, the HWC has continuously been receiving funding from Sweden, Belgium, and the EU commission (joint project). The ILF has been involved in many battles to shut down the funding of terror affiliated organizations, however, this case seems to expose a new low - the funding of an organization designated by Israel. This is not merely about proving the terror ties and providing authorities with the evidence, this is about ignoring or failing to discover a designation made by an ally country. 


The ILF has begun a process of both halting the funding and exposing the lack of or deficiencies in the due diligence process. As a first step, the ILF has sent communications to the countries in question, exposing these facts and asking for answers.


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