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 Response to Human Rights Watch

‘Apartheid’ Report

On this dedicated page you will find various resource materials, statements and graphics for your use

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"The distorted reality presented by Human Rights Watch is part of its ongoing, political and obsessive campaign against Israel in recent years. The Israeli judicial system is globally renowned for its  independent, steadfast and tireless work to protect the rights of all citizens and individuals. There is no connection between HRW's report and the legal, social, and moral truths which are prevalently found throughout Israel. The purpose of this spurious report is in no way related to human rights, but to an ongoing attempt by HRW to undermine the State of Israel's right to exist as the nation state of the Jewish people."

Statement by Michael Biton, Israel's Minister of Strategic Affairs

''Human Rights Watch is known to have a long-standing anti-Israeli agenda, actively seeking for years to promote boycotts against Israel. Their decision not to share this report for review or comment with any Israeli authority, is clear indication that it is a propaganda pamphlet, which lacks all credibility. HRW's founder, Mr. Robert Bernstein, has criticized his organization in 2009 for “issuing reports on the Israeli-Arab conflict that are helping those who wish to turn Israel into a pariah state".

This report is yet another part of the organization's ongoing campaign, led by a known BDS supporter, with no connection to facts or reality on the ground. The fictional claims that HRW concocted are both preposterous and false.''

Statement by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs 


Articles & Statements

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