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January 24, 2023

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky interview on surge in antisemitism on campus


ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky interviewed on ILTV about the explosive surge in antisemitism on campuses across United States, including calls for intifada at University of Michigan, exclusion of Zionists at UC Berkeley and Harvard offering fellowship to former HRW head Ken Roth.


December 21, 2022

At Berkeley Law, a Debate Over Zionism, Free Speech and Campus Ideals


 The NY Times covers our claim against UC Berkeley Law School, over antisemitism and discrimination, in the exclusion of Zionist students and speakers.


December 15, 2022

US education department opens antisemitism investigation at UC Berkeley, where pro-Israel advocates alleged ‘Jew-free zones’


The federal government is weighing in, as the U.S. Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights says it will investigate claims that the school hasn’t done enough to protect its Jewish students — in a similar manner to the department’s investigations at other universities where watchdogs have raised alarm about campus debates over Israel.


November 23, 2022

Why We Filed a Civil Rights Claim Against UC Berkeley Law School


“Why did we file this complaint against the UC Berkeley School of Law? Because we will use every tool at our disposal to fight against antisemitism.”

Read more from this op-Ed by ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky and Attorney Gabriel Groisman in Newsweek, on why we filed a landmark civil rights claim against UC Berkeley

Twitter Campaign 1.png

November 16, 2022

180 NGO's sign a letter calling on Twitter to deal with the antisemitism on their platform

The ILF is quoted in this The Jerusalem Post / article on our global campaign with 180 NGOs around the world, calling on Elon Musk to adopt the IHRA working definition of antisemitism and tackle the explosive scourge of Jew hatred rampant on Twitter.


November 6, 2022

Activists demand Amazon remove antisemitic film, books shared by Kyrie Irving


ILF is proud to be leading this campaign calling on to remove this antisemitic, hate-filled and Holocaust distorting film!
Read more about the campaign in the The Jerusalem Post / below.


October 20, 2022

Lapid says UN report accusing Israel of violating international law is 'anti-Semitic

On 2 October 2022, ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was quoted on i24 TV on the biased, antisemitic, one-sided UN Commission of Inquiry Report.


October 4, 2022

A Legal Tsunami, ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky on ILTV over 'label'

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky interviewed on ILTV News, how looked at Ben & Jerry's & AirBnB BDS campaigns, took heed of legal (and financial) repercussions & decided not to acquiesce to BDS. An important deterrent effect, which ILF was proud to play a part!

Daily caller.png

August 26, 2022

‘Prejudice Against The Jewish People’: State Treasurers Blast Major Financial Firm For Alleged Anti-Israel Bias

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky is quoted in The Daily Caller on the Morningstar BDS campaign against Israel:

"Morningstar has essentially been engaging in BDS practices and economic warfare, by deceptively cloaking its systematic anti-Israel bias under cover of their ESG policy."















July 31, 2022

‘Despicable New Low:’ Head of U.N. Probe Against Israel Under Fire

"Despicable New Low", ILF is quoted in this  Breitbart News
interview about  the  UNHRC
member Miloon Kothari's indefensible antisemitic remarks about "the Jewish lobby" control, and CoI Chair Pillay's shameful defense of him.


July 26, 2022

BDS: Divided in strategy, united in hate

ILF’s Head of Operations Asher Stern has published this op-Ed
, exposing how, especially in wake of Boston BDS 'Mapping Project', BDS might be divided in strategy ... but united in the same visceral Jew-hate.


June 10, 2022

US Restores Direct Communication With Palestinians in Jerusalem, Signaling an Upgrade in Ties

The Biden administration on Thursday reopened a direct line of communication to the Palestinian Authority that was severed under former President Donald Trump.

“After a wave of Palestinian terror in Jerusalem, the last thing the Biden Administration ought to be doing is rewarding Palestinian leadership for this incitement and violence, while entertaining their fanciful intent to divide Jerusalem and deny Jewish connection to the city,” Human rights attorney Arsen Ostrovsky told CBN News.


June 9, 2022

Critics Blast New UN Report Condemning Israel for 11-Day War With Hamas

 The United Nations is out with another report on Israel that is being condemned by critics as biased and one-sided. This one, released by the Human Rights Council, looks into the war between Israel and Hamas in May 2021.

“It’s unprecedented in terms of scope, in terms of geographic location and most significant in terms of timing. It’s meant to look at the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict stemming from the war last May but is something that can go back to before 1948 when Israel was established and in perpetuity into the future as well,” said Arsen Ostrovsky, a human rights lawyer and CEO of the International Legal Forum.


May 18, 2022

Legal Coalition: U.N. Probe ‘Unprecedented Assault’ on Israel

A global coalition of more than 25 organizations on Tuesday released a report outlining why a United Nations probe against Israel was “singularly unprecedented, unjust and completely lacking in impartiality or any legal basis,” and called for its chair, anti-Israel Navi Pillay, to recuse herself.

Led by the International Legal Forum (ILF),  notes that the UNHRC resolution establishing the Commission did not even mention the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group, the 4,500 rockets launched at Israel during that war, or Israel’s right to self-defense.


April 10,2022

World Is Silent as Palestinian Rioters Torch Joseph’s Tomb

Human rights lawyer and CEO of the International Legal Forum Arsen Ostrovsky slammed the international community, including the U.N.’s agency for preserving heritage sites, for their failure to condemn the vandalism.

“The attack by Palestinian vigilantes on Joseph’s Tomb, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, was a despicable act of desecration, made even more heinous coming on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover,” Ostrovsky told Breitbart.


March 22, 2022

International Legal Forum quoted in JNS on Israel 'apartheid' allegations

 In the article, ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky noted that charges of 'apartheid' against Israel are “not grounded in law or motivated by desire to advance peace, but rather by intellectual dishonesty and the simple refusal to accept Israel’s very right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people.” 

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 13.19.18.png

March 9, 2022

 ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky slams comparisons between Ukraine and Palestinians

 ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was interviewed on ILTV (6 Mar 2022), responding to outrageous comparisons between the situation in Ukraine and the Palestinians, noting that such comparisons are absolutely absurd and that there has hardly been a single tragedy or cause that some Palestinian activists have not shamefully appropriated. 

Opera House at Sunset

January 9, 2022

Over 100 artists sign letter against anti-Israel boycott of Sydney Festival

ILF's Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky, is quoted in the Jerusalem Post about the Israel boycott at the Sydney Festival: 
“Dance, art and culture, should be a bridge for peace, dialogue and inclusiveness – not hatred, bullying and bigotry, such as displayed by those calling to boycott the Israeli performance at the Sydney Festival.”

Arsen CBN.png

December 6, 2021

The BDS Movement's Threat to Israel

 ILF's Chair and CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was interviewed at length by CBN News about the BDS Movement, it's origins, impact today and what ILF is doing in response to counter this threat.


October 24, 2021

#BREAKING: Israel declares leading Palestinian NGOs to be PFLP-affiliates!

The International Legal Forum (ILF) has long held that Palestinian NGOs like Addameer, Al Haq, DCI-P, Samidoun & UAWC are terror groups masquerading as 'human rights' organizations. This designation, which we applaud the Israeli government for taking, will greatly assist in the fight against terror, by helping reduce the flow of funds to these groups and their ability to carry out attacks and incite to violence.

ILF byline.png

September 30, 2021

ILF Chair & CEO interviewed about EU threat to cut aid to UNRWA

 ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was interviewed on ILTV News about EU threat to cut aid to UNRWA, unless the UN agency reforms to remove antisemitism and incitement from Palestinian schoolbooks and the Palestinians begins to teach about tolerance, peace and respect. It would appear even the EU is saying 'enough is enough'!

arizona bnj.png

September 9, 2021

Arizona Treasurer Announces Divestment from Ben & Jerry’s

ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky quoted in the Jewish Journal, following Arizona’s Divestment from Ben & Jerry’s in response to Israel boycott.

Arsen Ostrovsky profile - Credit to Jared Bernstein.jpg

August 25, 2021

Conversation on Zionism

Join our Chair and CEO Arsen Ostrovsky, as he is interviewed by Russell Robinson of Jewish National Fund - USA, in this inspiring conversation on Zionism, where they discuss the history of modern Zionism, its assault in the international legal arena and the upcoming Durban conference. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 22.25_edited.j

August 5, 2021

ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky discussing latest Ben & Jerry's developments.

ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was interviewed on ILTV News today, discussing the latest on Ben & Jerry's, including yesterday's open letter by a group of franchisees talking about their substantial financial cost ... and personal toll as a result of the boycott, and what's happening on the legal front!


July 11, 2021

Praise from Israel for Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: Austria is boycotting the controversial Durban Conference (German)

A wide ranging interview  from ILF Chair and CEO, touching on everything from Austrias brave decision to withdraw from the antisemetic Durban IV conferance, the relationship between Israel and Austria and the rise of antisemitism in Europe.

akhbar tv.png

June 29, 2021

ILF Chair and CEO on Akhbar TV to discuss  the opening of the Israeli Embassy in the UAE

ILF Chair and CEO, Arsen Ostrovsky, was interviewed by a leading Emirate TV news channel, (أخبار الآن - Akhbar Al Aan), discussing the historic visit to UAE by Israel's Foreign Minister, the opening of Israel's Embassy in Abu Dhabi and why the future between Israel - UAE relations is so exciting!










jewish news.png

June 21, 2021

UK confirms Durban conference boycott over ‘historic concerns’ on antisemitism

Jewish News revealed earlier this month how Boris Johnson’s government would join the US, Australia and Canada in refusing to attend the 20th anniversary of the Durban conference.

Arsen Ostrovsky, Chair and CEO of The International Legal Forum (ILF), welcomed the news before he is scheduled to speak at Monday’s ZF event on the dangers of the conference.

He said Britain “should be applauded”, adding that the “Durban 2001 conference.. descended into an unhinged display of Jew hatred and virulent antisemitism, setting the foundation for the mainstreaming of the kind of violence against Jews we have witnessed on the streets of London”.

jns YIFA.png

June 8, 2021

Major Jewish leaders join new initiative that focuses blame for the deaths of children in Gaza on Hamas

“During Operation ‘Guardian of the Walls’, Israel was fighting on multiple battlefronts, with the online campaign being no less crucial. In this regard, we were essentially engaged in a ‘war of narratives, fighting against Palestinian propaganda and a vitriolic campaign of hate against the Jewish state, which was often aided and abetted by some elements of mainstream media, who sought to elevate Hamas and apply a dangerous moral equivalence with Israel’s inalienable right to self-defense,” said Arsen Ostrovsky, CEO of The International Legal Forum and a leading expert in digital diplomacy. 

israel today 11.png

May 20, 2021

Prominent Israelis take on mantle of public diplomacy during Gaza hostilities

Unofficial pro-Israel advocates come together to improve the state's public image, battle the misinformation and hate speech that have flooded the media since the beginning of Operation Guardian of the Walls. Our chair and CEO Arsen Ostrovsky is one of them.

Screen Shot 2021-05-23 at 9.46.31.png

May 17, 2021

ILF Chair and CEO Arsen Ostrovsky appeared on Al Jazeera English 'inside Story'. 

Both people of Israel and Gaza deserve a better future, but it is the Hamas, a jihadist terror organization, that is holding both hostage-hiding behind civilians in Gaza , while firing rockets at civilians in Israel'.

arsen 2.jpg

May 12, 2021

ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky, being interviewed on WION TV (India) about the situation in Israel.

As Arsen noted, about 1.5 million Israelis (17% of the population) has been within firing range of Hamas & Palestinian Islamic Jihad rockets fired from Gaza. This is the equivalent of 230 million people in India. NO country should tolerate this!

russell article.png

April 28,2021

‘Human Rights Watch’s long war against Israel.’

The International Legal Forum’s Russell Shalev writes in how the Human Rights Watch report claiming Israel is engaged in ‘apartheid’ practices, is just “another shot fired in the battle to disenfranchise the Jewish people and criminalize the Jewish state.”

logo jpost.jpg

April 21,2021

War of the words: The conflict between definitions of antisemitism

This article in the Jerusalem Post deals with the 'Academics for IHRA' global initiative, its importance in standing up against the rise of antisemitism world wide. With quotes from our Chair and CEO Arsen Ostrovsky. 

jns YIFA.png

February 10,2021

ICC’s historic declaration: We are a political entity.

The International Criminal Court at The Hague finally reached its decision on the Palestinian jurisdiction issue on Friday, making it public after months and months of waiting and long after its pre-determined due date. ILF Chair and CEO Yifa Segal offers insight into this critical issue and proposes how, despite the fact that the court is clearly bias, this  could offer a unique opportunity.


January 17,2021

BDS has Lost Its Glory

With 2021 underway, the International Legal Forum (ILF) has published a new report detailing the latest global trends in the realms of antisemitism and delegitimization of Israel.

ILF Founder and Director Yifa Segal spoke with Combat Anti-Semitism Movement (CAM) Editor-in-Chief Barney Breen-Portnoy this week to provide her insights on the current state of affairs in the ongoing fight against hatred of Jews.


December 3,2020

In Blow to BDS Movement, Norway to Ignore UN 'Blacklist'

The Norwegian government has decided to ignore the United Nation's "blacklist" – of over 100 companies across the globe said to be complicit in violating Palestinian human rights by operating in Israeli settlements – and allow a tourism company that appears on the list to provide services to government and other organizations inside Norway. Attorney Yifa Segal, director of the International Legal Forum, called Norway's decision "an important step in the war on the injustice known as the 'blacklist.'"

Iol article

January 22,2020

Once Again Showing the ICC's Lack of Credibility Due to its Bias Against Israel

The ICC is notorious for its anti-Israel bias. In this article Director Segal not only calls the ICC out on  that but also shows how the fact that it seems to only focus on Israel in fact harms any possible ‘credibility’ it may have.

Jerusalem Post article

January 08, 2020

Major Victory Against Terror Proxy Samidoun 

Mastercard, Visa and American Express have all removed the option to give money to Samidoun, after the Forum presented extensive evidence of Samidoun's ties to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP). The move follows similar action taken earlier this year by Donorbox, Paypal and Plaid, helping to cut funding to the group.

kosher slaughter.png

September 24, 2019

Fighting to allow peoples to maintain their ancient traditions in modern Europe.

The ILF along with a coalition of Islamic, Christian, and Jewish organizations appealed the European Court of Justice demanding that a Belgian ban on kosher slaughter be canceled. The results of this hearing will not only affect the law in Belgium but could also influence Kosher slaughter laws across the EU.  Members of the coalition include legal organizations, human rights organizations, and organizations representing Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists from around the world.

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 14.25.48.png

Devember 16, 2018

ILF Calls for Release of Arab Resident Arrested by Palestinian Authority

The International Legal Forum started a campaign to get European Union countries and human rights groups to pressure the Palestinian Authority to release an east Jerusalem resident it arrested on the basis of selling land to Jews.

un para.png

December 25, 2016

The UN’s inherent paradox - is it time to start anew?

Following the political struggle being waged by the President of the Palestinian Football Association (FIFA) Jibril Rajoub in an attempt to boycott Israeli teams, the ILF has filed a complaint to FIFA's ethics committee calling for the removal of Rajoub from his position, on the basis of racism, incitement to violence and the endangerment of Israeli team members.









Yisrael Hayom.jpg

January 23, 2023

Does Harvard's 'Veritas' apply to Israel?


Op-Ed in by ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky on Harvard’s shameful caving in to former HRW head, Ken Roth. Instead of taking a principled stand against antisemitism, the Harvard Kennedy School has just normalized and rewarded Roth's Jew-hatred with a prestigious Fellowship.


December 17, 2022

UC-Berkeley law school under federal investigation after Zionist speakers banned


The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights is opening an investigation into the University of California, Berkeley Law School over its response to several student organizations who adopted a pledge to not invite any Zionist or pro-Israel speaker to give lectures.

israel news now.jpg

November 28, 2022

Arsen Ostrovsky interview on Israel Now News about ILF and antisemitism today


ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was interviewed by Josh Reinstein on Israel Now News, where he discussed the work of the International Legal Forum, the situation of rising antisemitism today and what can be done in response.

SF Cronicle.jpg

November 21, 2022

Complaint accuses UC Berkeley law school of fostering antisemitism by allowing student groups to reject pro-Zionist speakers

The San Francisco Chronicle covers our claim with Attorney Gabriel Groisman, against UC Berkeley Law School, for fostering antisemitism over discrimination against Jewish and Zionist speakers.


November 8 , 2022

Pressure mounts on Amazon to stop selling anti-Semitic film


The ILF is keeping the pressure on to stop profiteering from this vile Holocaust distorting antisemitic film. We will also make sure that Apple, Spotify and all the other major distributors take it off as well!



October 21, 2022

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky quoted in Israel Hayom paper, regarding the outrageous and antisemitic UN Council of Inquiry Report against Israel.

Arsen Ostrovsky, CEO of The International Legal Forum harshly criticized the report, which will be presented to the General Assembly next week, saying it constitutes " an unprecedented attack in the United Nations against the Jewish state. Never in the history of the incessant attacks against Israel in the UN has there been a report so biased, completely one-sided, and without any factual or legal basis."
He added, "The fact that Hamas is not mentioned even once in the 28 pages of the report, compared to the 277 mentions of Israel, is actually a green light for terrorism."

Times of Israel.png

October 18, 2022

Israel tells Australian envoy that reversal of Jerusalem recognition is ‘wretched’

Arsen Ostrovsky, the CEO of the  International Legal Forum originally from Australia, called it a “shameful and cowardly decision… which tellingly, has already been applauded by the Hamas terror group.”


October 2, 2022

ILF's Arsen Ostrovsky interview on i24 TV: BDS defeat over 'label'

On 2 October 2022, ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was interviewed on i24 TV on the failed BDS campaign against, over labeling of properties in Judea & Samaria.

JNS 1.png

August 18, 2022

Palestinian's Push for Statehood at the UN is a PR Stunt

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky interviewed in JNS about the Palestinians renewed push for unilateral statehood at the United Nations

Flag-United-Nations-Logo-wiki commons.jpg

July 27, 2022

UN Official Investigating Israel: ‘Jewish Lobby’ Controls Social Media

ILF is quoted in this Washington Free Beacon article on the latest obscene, inflammatory and highly antisemitic remarks by Miloon Kothari, a member of the UN 'Commission of Inquiry' against Israel.


July 13, 2022

Antisemitic ‘Mapping Project’ exposes BDS’ real agenda

If any doubt was still lingering that BSD is anything but a hateful and violent campaign to single out and target Jews, the BDSBoston 'Mapping Project' out to lay that to rest once and for all. 

Read more on this from ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovky.

Old City Jerusalem

June 10, 2022

Biden Admin Takes Major Step To Roll Back Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Move

The Biden administration elevated diplomatic relations with the Palestinian government, in what diplomats warn is the first step to walking back the United States’ historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Arsen Ostrovsky, and Israeli human rights attorney who serves as chair and CEO of International Legal Forum, an advocacy group, said the creation of this office marks  "a transparent attempt by the Biden Administration to go round the back door, with a de-facto consulate in clear attempt to water down the Trump Administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital." It also signals that the Biden administration is challenging Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Times of Israel.png

June 7, 2022

UN probe blames Israel for perpetuating conflict with Palestinians.

In a statement, the Israeli Forgien ministry called it a “biased and one-sided report tainted with hatred for the State of Israel.”

“Never before in the history of the UN’s unrelenting assault on Israel, has a report been so biased, one-sided and utterly contravene the UN’s own Rules and Guidelines,” said Arsen Ostrovsky, CEO of The International Legal Forum.

“This report effectively gives a green light to Palestinian terror, while denying Israel its inalienable right to self-defense,” he continued.

JNS 1.png

May 18, 2022

Groups back International Legal Forum report blasting anti-Israel UN inquiry

A coalition of 25 pro-Israel organizations from around the world has signed on to an International Legal Forum (ILF) report castigating the U.N. Commission of Inquiry against Israel as “singularly unprecedented, unjust and completely lacking in impartiality or any legal basis.”

“This commission makes a complete mockery of international law and is tantamount to an all-out assault against the Jewish state,” says ILF chair and CEO Arsen Ostrovsky.





UNHRC_black_and_white_logo- wiki commons.png

March 23, 2022

UN Human Rights Council report accuses Israel of apartheid

Arsen Ostrovsky, chair and CEO of the International Legal Forum, which has played a leading role in combating the apartheid charges in the international legal arena, told JNS: ​​"It is unfathomable, that with all the major human-rights crises around us – from Russia's brutal assault on Ukraine and China's ethnic cleansing of Uyghurs – that some in the international community, such as the United Nations and NGO civil society, should choose to prioritize and single out Israel for opprobrium at this historical juncture in time."

UN_Geneva_Human_Rights_and_Alliance_of_Civilizations_Room wikicommons.jpg

March 20, 2022

 ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky addresses UN Human Rights Council on Debate About Children in Armed Conflict

ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky addressed the March 2022, 49th Session of the UN Human Rights CounciL, during the Debate on Children in Armed Conflict, calling on UNICEF and the international community to take urgent action to stop Hamas & Palestinian Islamic Jihad use of 'child soldiers' in Gaza, an abhorrent and undeniable war crime and violation of international law. The ILF is grateful to our partners at NGO Monitor for allotting their time during the UNHRC debate, for us to speak during this session at the UN in Geneva.


February 1, 2022

ILF's Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky debates Amnesty International over their 'apartheid' report.

Watch ILF Chair and CEO Arsen Ostrovsky takedown Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Research and Advocacy Director, Philip Luther, in this debate on i24 News TV, over Amnesty's outrageous, baseless, and antisemitic report accusing Israel of 'apartheid' . The ILF will remain relentless and unwavering in standing up for Israel and taking on the haters.

(1st February, 2022)

Dutch Flag.JPG

January 8, 2022

Dutch Government to Stop Funding Palestinian NGO Designated by Israel As Terror Group

The Jewish Journal covers ILF’s response to the Dutch government’s decision to cut off funding to PFLP terror affiliate UAWC. The ILF played a leading role in establishing UAWC’s terrorist links to PFLP that led to this development, and we call on other governments, especially in EU, to follow the Netherlands lead.












December 1, 2021

ILF fights antisemitism with new legal platform

The Jerusalem Post coverage of ILF’s Legal Network Resource Center platform “to bring light in the fight against antisemitism & delegitimization of Israel, and help cultivate & strengthen pro-legal networks around the world.

B and J.png

October 12, 2021

Ben and Jerry's founders show the sheer hypocrisy, bigotry, and double standards of their Israel boycott

"This game, with its unhinged glorification of violence and incitement to terror, may place Valve in direct violation of United States anti-terror laws and subject to potential civil litigation," the International Legal Forum, a nonprofit advocacy group that combats anti-Semitism and represents more than 3,500 lawyers and civil society activists across the globe, wrote to Valve.


September 19, 2021

ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky interview on i24 TV, discussing the upcoming 'Durban IV' conference at the United Nations and ILF's #SayNoToDurbanIV campaign.

ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky quoted in the Jewish Journal on Ben & Jerry’s founder's interview, exposing their hypocrisy and double standards over the company’s Israel boycott.


August 27, 2021

3,000-plus pro-Israel lawyers call on European countries to skip Durban conference

A global network of more than 3,000 pro-Israel lawyers and activists is asking European countries to withdraw their participation from an upcoming event marking the 20th anniversary of the Durban Conference.

The International Legal Forum (ILF), whose network penned this letter, explained that the conference “revived the ‘Zionism is Racism’ slur, outrageously claimed Israel is an ‘apartheid state,’ distorted the Holocaust, and made numerous Nazi analogies. It also became the birthplace and catalyst of the modern boycott, divestment, and sanctions [BDS] movement, which seeks the destruction of the State of Israel as its ultimate goal.”


August 17, 2021

Hamas Celebrates Taliban Retaking Afghanistan

ILF's Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was quoted in the Jewish Journal on Hamas celebrating Taliban retaking Afghanistan.

Ostrovsky: "Hamas & Taliban both come from the same radical, jihadist Islamic roots, with a hatred for Jews and a pervasive indifference to human life, freedom and democracy."


July 22, 2021

 Ben & Jerrys Boycott on ILTV

ILF Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was interviewed on ILTV , discussing the legal ramifications of the Ben & Jerry's boycott, including under the anti-BDS laws in the United States, as well as the need to support the local Ben & Jerry's Israeli licensee, who has been bravely standing up to this antisemitic and discriminatory boycott campaign.


July 11, 2021

ILF campaign calling on UNICEF to hold Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad accountable for using child soldiers.

Follow the links below for articles about our on going campaign calling for UNICEF to hold Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad responsible for their use of child soldiers.

Free Beacon

Jewish Journal

Anstizionism-antisemitism cover.png

June 29, 2021

Recognizing antizionist antisemitism

An article in Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, published by ILF’s Russell Shalev, based on our most recent groundbreaking report - ‘Recognizing Anti-Zionist Antisemitism’.


June 21, 2021

UK to boycott ‘festival of Jew-hate’ Durban IV

The government said it made the decision ‘following historic concerns regarding antisemitism’. Arsen Ostrovsky, Chair and CEO of The International Legal Forum (ILF), said: "The British government should be applauded for withdrawing from the Durban IV event, to be held in September at the United Nations. The Durban 2001 conference was intended to bring the international community together to fight racism and xenophobia, but instead descended into an unhinged display of Jew hatred and virulent antisemitism, setting the foundation for the mainstreaming of the kind of violent assaults against Jews we have witnessed on the streets of London and around the world in recent weeks. All nations which truly care about fighting racism and promoting tolerance, should not give credence to this anti-Jewish anti-Israel hatefest at the UN.”

sheikh jarrah pic.png

June 8, 2021

Insider - Sheikh Jarrah – cutting through the rhetoric

Coming into international focus in the weeks ahead of the 11-day Israel Hamas war last may,  you’ve likely heard of Sheikh Jarrah in the context of the State of Israel allegedly pursuing an ethnic cleansing campaign in predominantly Arab East Jerusalem. Join our very own Adv. Russell Shalev alongside  Adv. Ben Dror Yemini and Dr. Martin Sherman as they analyze this issue and cut through the rhetoric.


May 20, 2021

ILF Chair and CEO interviewed on Sky News Australia

In the wake of the ceasefire, join Arsen Ostrovsky on Sky News Australia as he analyzes the conflict and underscores that Hamas was not only the initiator of the conflict but are also the ones holding both the people of Gaza and Israel hostage.

sheikh jarrah pic.png

May 14, 2021

Sheikh Jarrah all you need to know- I24 Arabic

Join the International Legal Forums very own Russell Shalev as he is interviewed on I24 Arabic on everything that is going on in Sheikh Jarrah.

Arsen I24.webp

May 11, 2021

ILF Chair and CEO, live in the studio while rockets fall

Watch the moment our Chair & CEO Arsen Ostrovsky was being interviewed live on i24NEWS English last night, as rockets started falling on Tel Aviv. He was asked what if felt like to be away from his family at that moment. Watch this raw, human, real time footage:

israel today_edited.jpg

April 27,2021

Watchdog slams human rights group for branding Israel an apartheid state

In its report, the Human Rights Watch denies Israel's legitimacy as a Jewish state, specifically with regard to the 1950 "Law of Return," and repeatedly denounces what they term as Israel's so-called racist demographic policies. Arsen Ostrovsky, Chair of the ILF says 'In short, this report is tantamount to an antisemitic 'blood libel' against the Jewish State.

russell i24.png

April 11,2021

‘Academics for IHRA’ global initiative

The ILF’s Russell Shalev appeared on i24 TV, discussing the ‘Academics for IHRA’ global initiative, which ILF is proud to support, as well as the importance of the IHRA Working Definition, as an indispensable tool in the fight against Antisemitism.


February 7,2021

The ICC Ruling going forward

Join Yifa Segal on ILTV as she analyzes the ICCs recent decision. How it will effect Israel and what we can expect going forward.


yifa iltv.jpg

January 5,2021

Fighting Against Antisemtism  in the New Year

Yifa Segal in an interview on ILTV on the most recent antisemitic claim, that Israel denies access to Covid-19 vaccine to the palestinians. Watch the interview to see how this claim is a blatant lie, and how somehow in 2021 people still believe it.


October 20, 2020

French Court Rules Swastika Graffiti is Not Antisemitic. 

France, 2020, swastikas are sprayed in a central point in Paris. The French courts verdict? This is not an act of antisemitism as the swastikas where not sprayed anywhere with a connection to Judaism. In this interview with I24 News, Yifa Segal, adv., Chair and CEO of the international Legal Forum, discusses how not only is this specific act is clearly antisemitic but more then that, how this ruling could create a dangerous precedent in the future.

Jerusalem Post article

February 14, 2020

IlF Leads International Campaign Against Antisemtism

The ILF launched its unique project to support countries and governments in their adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemtism. The ILF will train legal professionals to properly identify Antisemitism and educate those with the policy making powers how to implement IHRA into their already existing legislation.


July 10, 2020

The Difference between Political and Legal discourse when it comes to sovereignty.

 The issue of Israel sovereignty in areas of Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley is one that is critical to understand from a legal perspective before one examines the political aspect.  In a letter penned by the ILF and signed by around 100 legal experts from Israel and abroad the ILF pointed out the difference between politics and international law.