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Operation Swords of Iron: Standing Strong for Israel 

On the morning of Saturday, 7th October, the State of Israel was shaken to the core, when Hamas terrorists waged an unprecedented and barbaric onslaught against our people. 

Children, babies, women, elderly and entire families, were massacred in the most unimaginably evil ways, with almost 10,000 rockets rained down upon the country. At least 1,400 people have been murdered, with over 5,600 injured and 240 taken hostage, including young children.

Each one of these deprived acts by Hamas is an undisputed war crime, and a violation of every imaginable norm of international law.

Today, although we are a nation in mourning, grieving for the loss of our loved ones, we remain determined to share the truth and combat misinformation, exposing the monstrous evil of Hamas and unwavering in defending and underscoring Israel's fundamental and inalienable right under international law to take whatever action necessary to defend its citizens from this wanton savagery and act of war that has been unleashed by the Hamas terror organization.

On this dedicated page, you will find up-to-date legal material, graphics, interviews, and other resources to help you ensure that the world hears the truth.

Please ensure to check in to this page regularly, as we will be constantly updating it as new developments arise and material is received.



Testimony of ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky, before the European Parliament, on the situation in Israel.

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky on The Jewish Chronicle Podcast
to discuss the latest from Israel, the war with Hamas and how it is being fought out in the international legal arena as well

Media Interviews

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky: Sky News

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky on CBN News

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky: Wion News 

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky: GB News 

ILF CEO Arsen Ostrovsky: CH7 News 

ILF Board Chair Nadav Steinman: CNN News18

Articles & Other Material

ILF claim to the International Criminal Court, over Hamas war crimes on Oct 7th.

ICC fox news.jpg

Webinar: Swords of Iron & International Legal Implications

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