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Paypal Closes Payment Account of

French Terror Affiliate


  •  Submitted the first war crimes claim in the International Criminal Court arising out of the Hamas massacre of 7th October, 2023.

  • Spearheaded legal campaign to have Unilever reverse Ben & Jerry's boycott, including initiating one of the first legal actions against Unilever.

  •  Stood up for students on campus, by filing the first legal proceedings against UC Berkeley Law School, over the discriminatory and antisemitic decision to exclude Zionist speakers, as well as initiating a campaign for IRS to revoke CUNY's tax-exempt status over systematic antisemitism and support for BDS.

  • In a major victory, successfully stopped online financial donations to a major charity, which was serving as fiscal sponsor to the Palestinian PFLP-affiliated terror group, Samidoun. In March 2023, together with our partners, ILF addressed the European Parliament making the case to designate Samidoun as a terrorist organization.  

  • Received a public apology from BBC, following our official complaint against a BBC presenter who outrageously claimed that "Israeli forces are happy to kill children" in Jenin, during an interview with former PM Naftali Bennett.

  • Led a global campaign, including a report endorsed by over 25 organizations, exposing the UN’s fixed and biased 'Commission of Inquiry against Israel, which led to 23 countries condemning the Commission, as well as led a campaign to dismiss antisemitic UN Special Rapporteur.

  • Blocked transfer of over $25 million from Europe to Palestinian terror groups, such as PFLP, and their affiliates.

  • Led response to ‘apartheid’ allegations by Amnesty and HRW.

  • Launched ground-breaking cases against antisemitism and terror financing in Canada and the United States.

  • Stood up for IDF soldiers at the International Criminal Court against baseless and politicized charges of 'war crimes'.

  • Produced dozens of landmark in-depth legal research reports, on topics ranging from BDS, Apartheid, Conflict with Hamas, Jerusalem, Legal Rights in Judea & Samaria, Anti-Zionism, and more.

  • Successfully led the legal campaign to have AirBnB reverse the boycott of Judea & Samaria.

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