Chief prosecutor of the ICC in The Hague. (courtesy ICC)


SAUJS Webinar

ILF Director Yifa Segal (adv) takes part in a webinar hosted by the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) alongside Dr Tamar Hostovky Brandes. On the topic of Israel’s  Legal rights to the territories under international law.


To watch the webinar click here.


Occupied? Liberated? Disputed?

The ILF together with Students Supporting Israel brings you a informative webinar exploring the roots of Israel's borders begining with the mandatory period until today.

Webinar with Christian Arab Activist Yoseph Haddad

An eye-opening discussion with Yospeh Haddad, a Christian Arab activist and formed IDF soldier, about co-existence and practical tools to combat BDS and false accusations against the State of Israel.


Haddad has dedicated his life to showcasing the beautiful sides of the State of Israel and the true situation of Israeli-Arabs. He speaks before many audiences, and he disputes and fights organizations that boycott Israel.


He also established 'Vouch for Each Other', an orgainisation whose aim is to be the catalyst of change, bridging between the Arab sector of Israeli society with Israeli society as a whole.

A Year Since Poway: Lessons from the Synagogue Shooting Heard Around the World

Together with Combat Anti-Semitism we hosted a digital event to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue in California. We honored Lori Gilbert-Kaye, who was tragically killed on the last day of Passover, as well as hearing from brave survivors of the shooting who helped prevent further bloodshed.


The program featured diplomats, local government officials, security experts, and religious leaders who discussed approaches to combatting Antisemitism and how we should respond to the increasingly violent acts against Jewish communities around the world.

How to use Legal Fighting Tools to Battle Antisemitism Worldwide

Yifa Segal, head of the ILF, gave a brieifing at the IDC Herziliya on the IHRA definition of Antisemitism and gave a step-by-step guide as to how we can use legal tools to stop the hate!

To see an exert from this briefing click here.

Hatzad Hasheni 2nd Legal Forum Against Discrimination & Antisemitism

Yifa Segal, Director of the International Legal Forum, was invited to Bogota, Colombia for the Second Legal Forum Against Discrimination and Antisemitism. This was a unique opportunity to create links with the Latin American Jewish Community and offer support amid growing concerns that Antisemitism was on the rise in the region. 

This was also the first time that the ILF’s newest project IHRA: From Words to Action was presented to the public. The IHRA definition of Antisemitism includes the de-legitimization of Israel, dual loyalty, BDS and the denial of the Jewish right to self-determination.

1st Ever Legal Network Initiative (LNI) Conference

Over one hundred legal experts from 24 countries convened in Jerusalem for a three day which focused on combating boycott initiatives and de-legitimization of Israel. Participants learned tools and best-practices, while streamlining their efforts against efforts to ostracize the Jewish state. The conference was hosted by the Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs, the Israel Bar Association, and the International Legal Forum.


To watch a video of the event click here.

US Coast-to-Coast Lecture Trail

In collaboration with San Diego communities the International Legal Forum set off on a US Coast - to - Coast trip including Lectures, Panels and round table discussions

Kurdistan and Israel: Towards Peace and Stability in the Middle East

A successful conference at the Knesset, in honor of the Kurdish Civil Society delegation, was hosted by the ILF, and chaired by the Lobby for Strengthening the relationship between the State of Israel and the Kurdish people, led by MK Ksenia Svetlova.

Paticipants included MK's from all across the political spectrum and included MK's from the opposition and members of the government from all levels, including the Deputy Minister of Defense Eli Ben-Dahan, Deputy Minister Michal Oren, the Head of the Opposition MK Isaac Herzog and others. In attendance were also representatives from Israeli and Jewish organizations, former Mossad agents which were active in Kurdistan and civilians from all Israeli walks of life. The message was unequivocal for Israeli support for the Kurdish cause.

To watch Yifa Segal at the Knesset discusssion with the Kurdish Civil Society click here

ZOA Defending Sovereignty Mega Event 

The ILF  took part in a presentation hosted by the Zionist Organization of American (ZOA)  entitled Defending Sovereignty-Mega Event. Director Segal’s presentations aimed to educate on the difference between the law and the politics surrounding the issue of sovereignty. the legal case for sovereignty.MK Sharren Haskel also joined this presentation to present the political case for sovereignty. 

What's the Blue Line

& Who Needs It

ILF Director Yifa Segal and Lt.Col. Sarit Zehavi, Founder of the Alma Research Center presented a thought provoking webinar on the Blue Line (the border demarcation between Israel and Lebanon) and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.


To watch the webinar click below

IDF's Perspective – COVID-19 as a Strategic Threat

The Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA), together with the ILF, held an exclusive webinar, crafted especially to provide insight on the front lines of Pro-Israel activity on a daily basis.

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, Head of the International Media Branch of the IDF Spokesperson's Unit discussed; cooperation and humanitarian aid to Palestinian territories, how COVID-19 is affecting Israel’s neighbors, and what that can mean for the region, COVID-19 in Israel & actions taken by the IDF.

Defending Israel at the ICC: The Situation in Palestine

ILF Director, Yifa segal, was invited as a speaker at an amazing initiative by Anne Bayefsky and Marc Goldfeder. They created a course on the important topic of defending Israel at the ICC which provided participants with 1.5 CLE credits.

This special seminar explained the background of the case, with a focus on the arguments made by various non-governmental organizations on behalf of the State of Israel’s position. Several of the actual drafters of those submissions, including us at the ILF and other members of the network, joined remotely from around the world to explain firsthand the arguments that they put forward.

The IHRA: One Antidote Against Antisemitism

Yifa Segal was invited to speak as the legal expert at the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF) webinar on IHRA.

Unfortunately, a hacker took over the screen share function and played Hitler era music, scrawled hate messages like “Seig Heil” on screen, sent rude remarks via the chat function, and then blasted pornography across the screen seen by all 44 participants. It proved impossible to end the attack, which lasted about 20, via normal computer control. The attack, was antisemitic in tone and content. CAEF chose to shut the whole webinar down realizing the hackers would not stop. CAEF reported the attack to B’nai Brith Canada which has initiated a report to the Toronto police.

This despicable incident shows us further the importance of a strong, cohesive global implementation of IHRA.

2nd Legal Network Initiative

(LNI) Conference

Together with Ministry of Strategic Affairs, the International Legal Forum brought together representatives from over 30 countries. The conference enabled us to provide our network of lawyers with different practical tools and knowledge, as well as designated projects to pursue in their countries of origin.


We conducted workshops on defending Jewish students on campus, curtailing funding to anti-Israel groups, human rights and the legal fight against Antisemitism. 

To watch a video of the event click here.

ILF Speaks to the American Association for Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (AAJLJ)

Yifa Segal, Director of the ILF, spoke to the American Association for Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (AAJLJ) in Washington to discuss how we further our cooperation to fight terror, Antisemitism and the de-legitmization of Israel and the Jewish people. 


The discussion focused on recent Israeli legislation and policy that had been considered controversial among many in the AAJLJ, such as the "Nation State Law", the amendment to the "Entrance to Israel Law" (restricting access to BDS activists) and several High Court petitions. The meeting was very successful and meaningful.

Israel American Council

National Summit

The annual Israel American Council National Summit brings together thousands of Israeli-American, Jewish American and Israelis to meet and network.

ILF Director, Yifa Segal, was invited to be part of a panel discussion on BDS and freedom of speech on college campuses.

Israeli Bar Association Discuss BDS

The Director of the ILF, Yifa Segal, spoke at the judicial conference held by the Israeli Bar Association.


The session was dedicated to a legal discussion concerning the BDS movement.

Israel Engage Ted Talk

Israel Engage hosted Director  Segal (adv) as part of their ‘Ted’ Talk series. Director Segal gave an inspiring talk on fighting against radical ideologies, terror and the BDS movement on the legal front. 

The Expert's Series: Who's Land?

This was an important webinar, hosted by Hetz, with ILF director, Yifa Segal, as one of the experts on the panel.

The webinar included a comprehensive discussion on the various aspects of "Who's Land?" and provided participants with data and information equipping them to be at the forefront of the effort to set the record straight.

To watch the webinar click here.

Understanding the Middle East Through Political Caricatures

A webinar from Noam Bennet, a lecturer and independent researcher of the Middle East and the Arab world, who writes a weekly column on selected issues accompanied by up-to-date cartoons from the Muslim world entitled "Window into the Renewed Middle East".


The webinar explored the internal situation in the Middle East in the face of the Corona and the economic and social crises that have been developing in these countries over time, and created momentum for various critical trends. Countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and others were highlighted through the prism of internal discourse as it is presented in the various political cartoons published in these countries.

Different Perspectives on the ICC Case Against Israel

ILF's director Yifa Segal was invited to be part of an event hosted by Hetz. Yifa joined a panel of experts including Jonathan Turner -  UK Lawyers for Israel, Gerard Flitti -  The Lawfare Project and Anne Herzberg -  NGO Monitor for a fascinating discussion on ICC's Bensouda call for an investigation against Israel.

The ILF Meets the Attorneys General Delegation

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the American-Israel Friendship League, arranged for 16 Attorney Generals, from New York, Illinois, Alaska and Alabama, among other countries from the United States, to visit Israel at the end of 2019. As part of the tour ILF Director, Yifa Segal, was invited to speak to them about the rise in Antisemitism in the United States, and the ways in which the legal community can tackle the phenomena of modern Antisemitism.

Yifa gave a presentation of one of our current projects, IHRA: Words to Action. The presentation introduced to the Attorney Generals new and unique legal tools and knowledge to support them in the fight against Antisemitism.

World Zionist Organisation

ILF Director, Yifa Segal, was invited as a guest speaker at The World Zionist Organization marked International Holocaust Day and Countering Antisemitism Day with a conference at the Ben Zvi Institute in Jerusalem, with some 300 participants. 

Other event speakers included WZO Chairman Avraham Duvdevani, and WZO Vice Chairman Yaakov Hagoel.

Swedish Conference for Israel Against Antisemitism

Yifa Segal, Director of the ILF, was invited to be the keynote speaker at the annual ‘Conference for Israel Against Antisemitism/Anti-Zionism’, in Stockholm. The legal challenges facing the community, primarily Antisemitism and the funding of anti-Israel groups, were discussed.


As a result, the ILF will continue to work with local organizations and attorneys to initiate a legal network of Swedish lawyers to join the international network. The Swedish community is challenged primarily with extreme Antisemitism and Anti-Israel funding from their government directly to BDS organizations, terror affiliates and as well as to the PA, which makes working together so important and strategic.

See Yifa Segal speak at the Swedish-Israeli demonstration in Stockholm click here.

A Conversation on Justice with Gabriel Bach

The ILF and partners, sponsored the showing of the film Prosecuting Evil: A Conversation on History and Justice with Gabriel Bach. The evening was hosted by the International March of the Living together with the Rutgers University Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience.

The two-part program featured an interview and conversation with the Deputy Prosecutor for the Eichmann Trial, Justice Gabriel Bach followed by a forum on countering extremism in vulnerable communities around the world.

ILF Hosts Razeel Raza 

Pakistani Muslim Journalist

Raheel Raza is a fierce activist for human rights, and unequivocally condemns, terrorism and all violence in the name of religion, and in the name of Islam in particular. As an inseparable part of this world view Mrs. Raza also stands out for Israel, its right to exist, its democracy, its fight against the radicals and the battle against the unjust discourse it this regard.

The ILF will continue to work together with Raza and plans to bring her message to the EU Parliament as well as to other parliaments, media, policy makers etc. Together with her and other individuals and organizations we will change the discourse of human rights.

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