Antisemitism & the Law: A virtual summit with Prof. Irwin Cotler

March 2021

Q&A Arsen Ostrovsky asks about the UN's anti Israel double standards. UN Watch Database Launch

March 2021

Inaugural Australian Legal Network Initiative Conference on Antisemitism in Australia

November 2020

Commemorating San Remo 1920 Honoring Jacques Gauthier 2020

November 2020

Foreign Funding of Universities, Influencing Democracy and Spreading Antisemitism

November 2020

Combating Antisemitism and Advancing Human Rights
Through Legal Activism in Latin America

October 2020

Controversial Land: International Law and the Land of Israel/Palestine

November 2020

ILF hosts an International Virtual Conference Bringing Experts Together in Fighting Antisemitism: From Words to Action

September 2020

SAUJS Webinar

July 2020

ZOA Defending Sovereignty Mega Event 

July 2020

Israel Engage Ted Talk


Occupied? Liberated? Disputed?

June 2020

What's the Blue Line & Who Needs It

June 2020

The Expert's Series: Who's Land?

May 2020

Webinar with Christian Arab Activist Yoseph Haddad

May 2020

IDF's Perspective – COVID-19 as a Strategic Threat

April 2020

Understanding the Middle East Through Political Caricatures

April 2020

A Year Since Poway: Lessons from the Synagogue Shooting Heard Around the World

April 2020

Defending Israel at the ICC: The Situation in Palestine

April 2020

Different Perspectives on the ICC Case Against Israel

March 2020

How to use Legal Fighting Tools to Battle Antisemitism Worldwide

January 2020

The IHRA: One Antidote Against Antisemitism

January 2020

The ILF Meets the Attorneys General Delegation

December 2019

Hatzad Hasheni 2nd Legal Forum Against Discrimination & Antisemitism

November 2019

2nd Legal Network Initiative (LNI) Conference

August 2019

World Zionist Organisation

January 2019

1st Ever Legal Network Initiative (LNI) Conference

February 2018

ILF Speaks to the American Association for Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (AAJLJ)

March 2018

Swedish Conference for Israel Against Antisemitism

September 2018

US Coast-to-Coast Lecture Trail

December 2018

Israel American Council National Summit

December 2018

A Conversation on Justice with Gabriel Bach

December 2018

Kurdistan and Israel: Towards Peace and Stability in the Middle East

November 2017

Israeli Bar Association Discuss BDS

August 2017

ILF Hosts Razeel Raza Pakistani Muslim Journalist

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