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In January 2016, the State Department under the Obama administration published a "re-issuance" of labeling guidelines of products from the West Bank, arguing that the US policy has always been that all products from the West Bank must be labeled ''West Bank'' and not ''made in Israel'', including products manufactured in areas under Israeli control.

The ILF conducted a thorough examination of the said guidelines, supposedly reissued, which went back to 1995-1996, and has clearly demonstrated that the original guidelines' content and the intent was completely opposite to what the new guidelines claimed them to be.

In fact, the original guidelines were meant to allow for Palestinian products to be labeled ''made'' in the West Bank, and explicitly excluded all of the products made in areas under Israeli control.


The ILF's original exposure prevented the enactment of the policy, however, the "New Guideline" have remained in place.


After 5 years and hundreds of hours of work, the ILF can officially claim a major victory:

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo stated  that 'all producers within areas where Israel exercises the relevant authorities – most notably Area C under the Oslo Accords - will be required to mark goods as “Israel”, “Product of Israel”, or “Made in Israel” when exporting to the United States'.

To read the State Department's report click here >>

To read the ILF's original report please click here  >>

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