A lawsuit prepared by the ILF, together with American attorneys David Abrams and Daniel Meier, was filed in North Carolina against the city of Durham, and its police chief.


The claim challenges the recent policing policy statement of the City Council on international police exchanges, which discriminates against Israeli police on the basis of national origin.

Durham's Mayor, Steve Schewl, released the statement, which was later endorsed by the council. Schewl referenced a memo from Durham Police Chief Cerelyn, "C.J." Davis, asking for a resolution against police training in Israel.  The action was part of the efforts of the BDS movement to delegitimize Israel and its citizens.

The lawsuit claims the statement violates a section of the North Carolina Constitution which states that no one shall be discriminated against because of national origin, race or religion, and states that "the city of Durham has two standards when it comes to international police exchanges: one for the Israelis and one for the rest of the world".

The plaintiffs are two Israeli volunteer police officers.

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