Blocked Terror Funding via Large Financial Platforms

Together with the Zionist Advocacy Center, the ILF launched a major campaign against large online payment systems known to be providing services to the NGO Samidoun.


Though registered as an NGO Samidoun operates as a proxy for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a designated foreign terrorist organization (FTO in the Israel, US, EU, UK, Canada and Australia). Samidoun plays a significant role in the PFLP’s international work of raising support, funds and activists in North America and across Europe.

The ILF provided the financial platforms with evidence proving that the PFLP uses the pretense of Samidoun as a legitimate human rights group, in order to spread its message and raise donations and support.

In May 2019, PayPal, Donorbox and Plaid closed their financial services to Samidoun following the revelation of this connection to terrorism. Recently, the possibility of donating to Samidoun online through MasterCard, American Express, Visa and others were also found to be blocked.

This is a huge victory in the battle against terror and human rights in the Middle East. For online giants to take this action,  sends an important message to the world that they are truly interested in ending terror financing and preventing radical ideologies from prospering. The campaign has also raised awareness of Samidoun and the covert ways in which terror groups are now working in the modern world.

Watch Yifa Segal exposing the truth about Samidoun

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