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The Irish Parliament is progressing with the legislation of the Frances Black Bill - a bill that will criminalize the import, sale, and purchase of goods and services from territories beyond the Green Line. If passed into law, these trivial acts and fundamental freedoms, might be sanctioned with up to 5 years imprisonment.


Regardless of the discriminatory nature of the bill, and its inherent infringement of fundamental EU values and treaties, including free trade, it also holds the power to deprive millions of their Freedom of Religion.

We worked on assembling a group of lawyers from Europe and the US to formulate legal claims, including arguments from International, European and US laws (with emphasis on BDS laws). 


Together with Professor Eugene Kanterovitz, the ILF also launched a campaign, fully dedicated to proving the radical infringement in freedom of religion the bill hides, and to recruit influential Christian groups as opposition to the bill. 

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