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Together with our French partners, we filed a criminal complaint with the Montpellier Attorney General, requesting proceedings against the French official, Mr. Djamel Boumaaz. Mr. Boumaz boasted publicly on Facebook about birthday celebrations with his friend, a member of the SS and included a picture of a birthday cake bearing a swastika (see picture above). 


Mr. Boumaz’s Facebook page reads: “I spent a lovely day with my family walking around, then eating at my SS friend’s, later comes the birthday cake given by my SS friend!”

This incident is one of a number of similar public Antisemitic acts occurring in France and reflects the 'normalization' of Antisemitism in the country. For a French official to feel it is appropriate and acceptable to publicize his close connections with Nazism, despite it being in clear contradiction of French law, speaks volumes as to the atmosphere in France today.

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