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In January 2016, the United States State Department issued a reminder that products made in West Bank areas under Israeli control should not be labeled "Made in Israel" in accordance with the 1995 guidelines. The announcement drew fierce criticism from Israel as this seemed shockingly inconsistent with US policy, especially that of 1995. 


The ILF investigated the State Department's claims that it was simply re-issuing an old guideline and prepared a full legal analysis that revealed that the previous guideline from 1995 only applied to products produced in areas under the newly established Palestinian Authority's control. The "re-issuance" was an attempt to politically hijack the guideline and completely change its original meaning by expanding it to include items produced in Area C, which is under Israeli control. The newly enforced US Customs policy to label products from the West Bank was not merely a technicality, but an “under the radar” US government policy change with regard to the settlements.

ILF's exposure has halted the application of the old-"new" policy and resulted in the introduction of new legislation in Congress to clarify the labeling guideline and may lead to an official hearing.   

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