The adoption of IHRA is an important first step towards combatting antisemitism. In order to fight antisemitism, it must first be defined. IHRA does precisely that. For the first time in history, there is a legal definition of antisemitism.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) is an international organization composed of scholars and researchers from over 40 countries. IHRA's working definition includes classical forms of antisemitism, Holocaust denial or inversion and modern antisemitism, including denying the Jewish right to self-determination. 

IHRA was adopted by many countries and bodies around the world. Seemingly, IHRA is only a declaration and does not have "legal teeth". This project is meant to educate the legal community worldwide, not only regarding IHRA's content, but as to its application in existing domestic law. IHRA can be used as an interpretive tool , for example, in existing hate crimes and anti-discrimination laws. Educating the legal community on IHRA is crucial, as:

  1. Many are not familiar with IHRA's existence, let alone content;

  2. Legal professionals should be trained to properly identify antisemitism according to IHRA;

  3. Incorporating IHRA is a powerful tool to for judicial agents of all levels to immediately enforce laws to counter antisemitism. This avoids the need for additional legislation against antisemitism.


The ILF is launching this project and intends to incorporate its vast network of lawyers around the world to extends the project's global reach. Together, we can help turn back the tide of antisemitism.

The Presentation includes three aspects of IHRA:

  1. Intro – what is IHRA, familiarity with its language and sections

  2. Examples of questionable statements and caricatures, do they fall under IHRA?

  3. From words to action -Application: incorporation in domestic law, existing hate speech and hate crimes laws, anti-discrimination etc  

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