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Many countries around the world have adopted IHRA’s definition of Antisemitism. While IHRA’s definition is merely a declaration it can still be a crucial tool to be used by judicial agents at all levels to immediately enforce laws to counter Antisemitism.


The focus of this project is to educate the legal community worldwide, not only regarding the content of IHRA's definition, but its application in existing domestic law as well. Educating the legal community about the IHRA definition is critical as many are not familiar with the definition’s existence, let alone its content or how to implement it. We are training legal professionals to properly identify Antisemitism according to the parameters set forth by IHRA. The project includes legal symposia worldwide, cooperation with various bar associations, and a “webinar” offering courses to obtain CLF credits.

Various professionals globally have volunteered their time to engage with the project and carry out the training locally using our materials and support. The ILF has also held a number of our own training sessions including with  law students and various webinars with professionals in different jurisdictions like the EU, US, Canada and Latin American.

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