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Paypal Closes Payment Account of

French Terror Affiliate


A few weeks ago ILF sent a letter to PayPal to inform them they were providing a service to an organisation with links to the Popular Front for the Liberization of Palestine (PFLP), a designated terrorist organization in the EU, US, Canada and Israel. The French Palestinian organization, "Collectif Palestina Vaincra (CPV)" is a pro-BDS organisation and is a member of "Samidoun", a proxy organization of the PFLP. 


The letter outlined that the activities of CPV violate French law, namely the Lellouche law, which explicitly states that discrimination on the basis of any ground is prohibited and declares that (the incitement of) discrimination on the basis of nationality is illegal.


Following our letter, PayPal closed CPV's account. This victory is reminiscent of the ILF's previsimilar action taken earlier this year, resulting in PayPal and other on-line payment systems closing the accounts of Samidoun, another terror proxy of the PFLP.

Collectif Palestine Vaincra lists the PFLP as one of its partners on its website and declares the convicted PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled a “Member of Honor.” Khaled, who resides in Jordan, was a key member of the terrorist cell that hijacked TWA Flight 840 in 1969. A year later, she participated in the attempted hijacking of EL AL Flight 219.

To read the ILF's letter to PayPal click here >>

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