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New research uncovered that terrorist groups, such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, are affiliated with a network of state funded schools in East Jerusalem, and that they are influencing the school curriculum and activities. 


Most recently, we learned that Hamas is directly connected to the Al-Iman school network, greatly influencing its curriculum, and its leaders are seated on the Al-Iman Board of Governors.

The Al-Iman network is funded by, and cooperates with, anti-Israel Turkish groups and the Al-Aksa Foundation. Its educational activities include the "Graduate Program" by the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Iman sends graduates to a leadership program in Istanbul hosted by Dr. Tareq Mohammed Al-Suwaidan, a Kuwaiti sheikh and Muslim Brotherhood leader.

Additionally, an Al-Iman school principal is on the record publicly supporting terror and incitement on her personal Facebook account, promoting extremist positions.

This educational system indoctrinates impressionable young minds with terrorist ideologies, minimizing the chance they’ll work towards peaceful co-existence with their neighbors.

Disappointingly, this is all happening under the gaze of the Israeli Ministry of Education and law enforcement agencies; in violation of various Israeli laws including terror financing, membership and support of a terror organization, incitement and others.

We sent official complaints to the Attorney General, asking that a criminal investigation be immediately launched against those involved, as well as a petition to shut down the network that runs the schools, which is registered as an Israeli not-for-profit. Simultaneously, we sent a petition to the Ministry of Education, informing them of Hamas's involvement in the schools and urging their immediate involvement and enforcement of the Israeli law, as well as a request to urgently convene the Knesset's Educational Committee to address this troubling information, with all of the relevant authorities.

Watch the special Knesset Education Committee hearing below.

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