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We asked Avi Zinger, CEO of Ben & Jerry’s Israel, if he had a special message to all his supporters from the pro-Israel community and those fighting back against the BDS attack. This is what he said:
"At the end of the day, this is a war against Israel and the Jewish people. We have to fight back together, to join our effort to make sure that Ben & Jerry’s Global understands that Israel is not something they can play with; is not something they can try to hurt. That there is a price for that."

The Durban 2001 Conference was meant to bring the international community together to present a global front in the fight against racism. Instead, the conference descended into an unhinged display of Jew hatred, giving birth to the modern BDS Movement and the pervasive discourse and vilification of Israel we see around the world today.

This September 22nd, world leaders will come together at the United Nations, to celebrate this antisemitic festival of hate! But the ILF and all those who truly care about fighting racism and promoting tolerance, will not stand idly by!

The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced, and that means that those who preach hate and antisemitism are now able to spread their messages on a much wider scale. On this week's How We Fought against, we delve into the world of antisemitism and hatred online and give you tools on how to counter them with our special guest, Online Communication Specialist Arik Segal.


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