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For almost two years the ILF, along with our partners, have been researching the links between the BDS and designated terror groups, with the aim to stop the funding and de-legitimize this vehemently antisemitic and exploitative movement. In November 2019, utilizing this research, the ILF prepared and recruited Keren Kayemet Le’Yisrael  (KKL-JNF), together with a group of terror victims, in suing the US-based charity "Campaign for Palestinian Rights" (USCPR) for $90 million in damages, caused to property and environment, as well as emotional harm. These damages were all caused by missiles, balloons, kites, and other incendiary devices launched from the Gaza Strip during the Marches of Return, that began March 2018. USCPR is one of the fiscal sponsors of the BDS National Committee (BNC). 

The BNC is a Ramallah-based organization and is the founder and leader of the global BDS movement. The BNC's key players are five Palestinian terrorist organizations, including Hamas, the PFLP, and the Islamic Jihad.

The research and lawsuit, compiled meticulously for over a year, clearly exposes that these terrorist organizations in receipt of funding from USCPR, are in fact those who control the BNC, as well as the Great Return Marches. The importance of this case lies in the exposure of the inherent but hidden links between designated terrorist groups - the global BDS Movement - and the Great March of Return (GRM). Moreover, it aims to shut down the valuable financial lifeline of donations coming from the US to the BNC (and eventually used by the terrorist organization), ass well as to de-legitimize the BNC movement and all hundreds of anti-Israeli organizations associated with it worldwide.

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