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In November 2018, Airbnb announced a change in policy and delisted all properties listed in Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria. 

In response, the International Legal Forum, together with the Zionist Advocacy Center, collected the signatures of over 1,000 Airbnb subscribers who wished to complain about this change in Airbnb's terms of use.

Concurrently, we submitted a request to come before arbitration concerning the company's discriminatory policy change, which we claimed violates the New York law prohibiting discrimination based on religion, sex and national origin.


In addition to our own legal response the ILF supported different legal activists and organizations in coordinating their own responses and actions against Airbnb. 

As a result of these actions, negotiations were held between the parties. These negotiations ended when Airbnb announced its withdrawal from this discriminatory policy. On April 9, Airbnb officially retracted its decision and signed an agreement that explicitly reverses its initial discriminatory policy.

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