Issam Aqel Released After Arrest by PA for Selling Land to Jews

The ILF is happy to report that  Issam Aqel, the East Jerusalem resident who has been held captive by the Palestinian Authority for allegedly selling land to Jews, has finally been released.

The ILF had run a far-reaching global campaign, with the goal of raising awareness to the PA's racist, hateful policy, calling for its nullification and saving Issam's life!  

Our campaign included putting pressure on the US and the Israeli governments to take action to help Issam. The ILF attempted to call out "human rights organizations" and European officials, both on the EU level and the Member States, for their silence in the face of such a blatant violation of fundamental human rights.

While Issam has now been released "thanks" to his American citizenship and Israeli residency, there are unfortunately at least 44 others who have been imprisoned and tortured in this last month alone on similar accounts. 

The ILF is determined to persist working against the PA's racist law, leading to the freeing of other prisoners and the prevention of similar future cases from reoccurring.

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