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Following the political struggle  waged by the President of the Palestinian Football Association (PLE), Jibril Rajoub, in an attempt to boycott Israeli teams, the ILF has filed a complaint to FIFA's ethics committee calling for the removal of Rajoub from his position, on the basis of racism, incitement to violence and the endangerment of Israeli team members. 

The complaint refers to Rajoub's statement that "any activity of normalization in sports with the Zionist enemy constitutes a crime against humanity", along with additional statements demonstrating the promotion of racism, hatred, violence and terror, as well as the prevention of any acts of co-operation or normalization between Israel and the Palestinians, including the prohibition of friendly matches between children.


Rajoub, who views terrorists as a source of national pride, has held a welcome event, as well as a tournament, in the name terrorists.  

According to the plaintiffs, Rajoub's statements and actions constitute a serious violation of FIFA's rules of ethics.


The complaint is being filed on the background of FIFA's annual congress in Bahrain, which was joined by the heads of the Israel Football Association. Prior to the congress, Rajoub had succeeded in introducing a clause that could be used to vote against the football matches of the six teams that play beyond the Green Line - an area considered by FIFA to be occupied Palestinian territory. The clause also raises the concern that it will be used a pretext for renewing the request to remove Israel from FIFA.

According to Yifa Sega, Director of the ILF: "It is time for FIFA to handle the critical issues that endanger human lives, discriminate and generate an atmosphere of hatred and racism. These offenses not only violate international law and shock every person with a conscious and desire for peace, but also clearly violate FIFA's own ethical code. The complaint speaks for itself and FIFA must enact the full force of sanctions available to stop this dangerous behavior and send a clear message. It is clear that for Rajoub terror is a legitimate tool in his political battle and that his position in the PFA enables him to advance his political agenda by all means necessary. Rajoub's obsessive struggle showcases his political motives, and the time has come to impose severe sanctions against Rajoub's blatant violations."

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